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All the answers are within us. I support you in finding and bringing forth your own answers.

Cserhalmi Ágnes pszichológus, coach

My name is Ági Cserhalmi, I am a certified psychologist, coach, and a trainee for schema therapy consultant. I help those who want to live an authentic, fulfilling, and harmonious life, build quality human relationships, and achieve professional goals.

I chose this profession because it is inspiring and rewarding for me to accompany clients on their journey of self-discovery, as they open up to themselves, explore their emotions, difficult situations, human relationships, conflicts, and life problems. In these moments, I rely on my professional competence, knowledge, and experience to accept, support, be present, search, inform, correct, empower, and empathize. All this is done so that those who turn to me can find their answers to their own questions, as well as the necessary resources in various areas of their lives.

Based on my experience, the greatest revelation for clients is when they embrace their vulnerability, recognize their own emotions, desires, and best interests, and discover their own authentic solutions. Because the real answers are truly within us. Everyone has their own unique answer to their life problems and life tasks. I help facilitate the birth of these answers.

I obtained my psychology degree with a specialization in interpersonal and intercultural psychology with an excellent grade from the University of Debrecen.

My interest in the human soul and relationships, as well as my sensitive helping attitude, stood out early on. However, it took a long and exciting journey for it to become my calling of empathetic care and professional assistance.

I was born in a small village and spent part of my childhood there, enjoying great freedom, diverse friendships, thermal baths, and pets. When I was nine years old, we moved to a nearby city, where my exceptional interest in mathematics accompanied me until the age of seventeen, when, as a spectator
in a criminal court trial, the legal profession emerged as a combined opportunity for justice and assistance.

By the time I graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Law, I had also pursued studies in economics in parallel. I felt the need for mathematical and logical thinking, and I chose my first job based on the integration of law and economics in an inspiring human and professional environment.

The turning point came with starting a family and the birth of my child. I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing all my skills and abilities during my time with my son and in raising him. At the same time, my role as a parent illuminated the need for my self-development and self-expansion. After a long search, this was the moment when I consciously embarked on the path of self-discovery. I experienced how confronting my weaknesses and fears could serve me, rewrite the dysfunctional patterns that had been my obstacles, and transform my past and present into sources of strength. Therefore, I know from experience what it's like to travel this path of self-discovery, continuously enriching and strengthening oneself. Here, I also witnessed examples of what it means to be a good helper.

When I returned to work, I had the opportunity to participate in the establishment of a new business unit, which later evolved into an independent company, as a key player in knowledge management and the development of human resources management. Based on my professional background and interests, I became the leader responsible for training and development. In addition to performance management, I placed great emphasis on creating a system for self-awareness training and leadership development, as well as stress reduction, time and energy management, communication skills development, and shaping corporate culture. When I left the company nine years later due to international relocation, the business unit, which had originally employed around twenty-five people, had grown into a company employing over five hundred employees.

I started my psychological studies alongside the complex professional work in the field of human resources. As work and organizational psychology had already become part of my daily corporate life, and I had delved into it, I chose a different specialization during my university studies. I specialized in interpersonal and intercultural psychology, which turned out to be significant in terms of the international environment and my interest in human relationships.

Cserhalmi Ágnes pszichológus, coach

During my university years, I mostly researched work-life balance, leadership communication, positive schemas, morningness-eveningness, the psychological effects and connections of the pandemic period, gender roles, stereotypes, and intimate partner violence.

In addition to my psychology degree, I obtained coaching certification through training accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Applying various coaching tools, I support coaching clients in achieving their goals.

I am also currently training in Schema Therapy through programs accredited by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). In addition to the standard modules of Schema Therapy, I am also training in Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents and Group Schema Therapy. I use the methods of Schema Therapy in psychological counselling. As a trainee for Schema Therapy Consultant in training, I support those who seek psychological counselling by using the methods of Schema Therapy under supervision. I am a Member of the Hungarian Society of Schema Therapy.

I enjoy spending my free time actively: cycling, hiking, swimming, traveling with my family, alone or with friends, and I am the owner of an active dog 🙂

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