Coaching is a supportive process based on an equal relationship that focuses on the strengths and
abilities of the client. It is recommended for those who want to work on their personal development, goal achievement, or problem-solving. Coaching can be applied in personal, professional, relationship-related, or other areas of life management.

During the coaching process, you can enhance your abilities, reach your goals, improve your performance, and become more confident and effective in all areas of life.

I will assist you in exploring and activating your own external and internal resources, realizing the potential within you, and managing your challenges more effectively. I support you in developing your own solutions. As a supportive companion, I stand by your side, create a safe environment for you, and guide you on the path of change and development with my questions, attentive listening, and empathy.

In coaching, we work in the present and aim to achieve change in the present and future. We mainly look to the past for resources.

Cserhalmi Ágnes pszichológus, coach

This is typically a 5-7 session practical process in which we explore your current difficulties, discover your resources, seek connections, set goals, create plans and strategies, and experience the initiation of change by implementing them in practice. Through these sessions, you can increasingly rely on your own intuition, inner strength, self-identity, and external and internal resources, make decisions more confidently, and take steps for your own benefit and that of your environment.

Clients most commonly come into the coaching process with the following topics: career choice, dilemmas related to career progression or career change, leadership role and leadership effectiveness, work-life balance, cultural change, planning to move abroad and the challenges of living abroad, dilemmas related to parenthood, challenges of living in a family and parenting roles, difficulties in child-rearing, relationship stagnation, recurring relationship patterns, challenges arising from gender roles, assertiveness, setting and enforcing boundaries, stress reduction.

Feel free to reach out if you want to work on your goals, develop yourself personally or in your relationships, increase your inner strength and confidence, and find balance and your own answers!

„There is more within you than you would think, and it surprised me too! Ági, through her well-directed questions during our sessions, made me realize that there is a solution to my problems, and it is much simpler than I imagined. With her help, I found the solution within myself, which was much more effective than if she had simply told me what to do. If empathy, attentiveness, and client-centeredness are important to you, I highly recommend reaching out to her without hesitation!”


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