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Cserhalmi Ágnes pszichológus, coach

About me

I am a psychologist and coach. I personally experience the power and value of self-awareness. I have walked the path myself, where I learned how facing my mistakes and fears can serve me, how I can rewrite my previously obstructive patterns, and how my past and present can become a resource for me. Therefore, I know well what it is like to walk this path of self-awareness, to continuously enrich and strengthen oneself through it, and I have my own experience of what a good helper is like.

Friends and family are important supports, and they mean well. However, in certain situations, this may not be enough. There may be a need for an outsider, a professional helper who can look at your situation from a different perspective, with empathy and professional insight, even holding up a mirror and illuminate it with empathetic confrontation. And if the past is present, then assist in processing and resolving the past as well. In my role as a coach and psychologist, I can support you in this.

Life often provokes change, development, or at least flexible adaptation. This could be as simple as not feeling comfortable in our own skin or as a concrete change in life circumstances. In such times, we may become uncertain, stuck, or we repeat the same counterproductive patterns. The need for development can also arise because we find ourselves in a difficult life situation or we set a goal that requires us to develop new, effective coping mechanisms and involve new resources. Or it may simply be difficult to embrace our talents, abilities, and the responsibility that comes with it. In these diverse life situations, I support my clients by providing appropriate methods and competencies, my non-judgmental presence, understanding, empathy, and a safe environment. So that they can enhance their quality of life, fulfil their relationships, and achieve their professional and personal goals.

My approach and psychological work are enriched by my previous experience in business and Human Resources leadership, my family as well as the years spent abroad.

Cserhalmi Ágnes pszichológus, coach

My mission

I help those who want to grow, change, increase self-esteem, live a healthier, authentic, and harmonious life, develop quality human relationships, and achieve professional and personal goals. I assist you in finding your own answers, strengths, and resources necessary to solve challenges, questions, and problems that arise in your life, and to achieve your goals. Because all the answers are within us. I support these answers and changes to emerge with the diverse tools of psychology and coaching, my comprehensive knowledge, and empathetic presence. So that you can flow freely in your life!

You said about me

„I received support from Ági at one of the most difficult stages of my life. With her help, my life took a big turn and went in a direction I had been longing for a long time. She works with immense empathy and tact, and from the very beginning, I felt complete trust in her. I am very grateful to Ági, and I wholeheartedly recommend her. I will definitely reach out to Ági in the future if I face any dilemmas that require assistance.”


“Ági led me to my own solution with great tact, non-judgmentally, and with surgical precision through her questions. She helped me avoid getting caught up in uncertain points and unconscious reactions. I believe, and working with Ági has reinforced this, that all the answers are within us, we just need to bring them forth. With the help of a good professional, we can save time, gain confirmation for ourselves, or weed out belief systems that hinder our growth. I was delighted to work with Ági on my challenges and in the topic we explored together, I found my answers and felt relieved. Thank you very much!”


„Ági’s professional support and empathy have given me so much. She helped me realize things that were not visible to me before. She brought
out an illumination and a change in perspective that I couldn’t have imagined even in my dreams! It was a fantastic feeling that she didn’t just “tell me” what to do, but her knowledge helped me give birth to my own solution. Additionally, Ági’s presence was also very important to me: our sessions were calming and filled with trust, I received understanding attention, felt her complete empathy, and with her help, I was able to bring my agitation or other discomfort closer to myself. I am sincerely grateful for her support.”


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