Raising a child is (not only) happiness

The last month of the year was filled with moving for me, I only managed to calm down for the holidays. Now, as I unpack the last moving boxes, I came across the red notebook where I regularly wrote down my son's peculiar statements, his thoughts reflecting child logic. From this, I have selected my favourites for you, with the mottos "psychologist is also human" and "imperfect is normal", with much love 🙂

The World of a 2-Year-Old Child

Huba: “I want more baby formula!”
Me: “But Huba, the bottle isn’t empty yet! There’s still some left”; (There was a little bit left at the bottom.)
Huba: “Just a little bit hasn’t been finished!”

“Carrot! No peel!”; (Meaning: he only wants the carrots from the lentil soup, not the lentils.)

Already 3 years old

(Telling me about scratching his finger): “…and my beautiful red blood spilled!”

4 years old…

“Mom, everyone at the kindergarten told stories about where they went on vacation. Guess what, one of my friends also went to Croatia! And guess what mom my friend went to a part of Croatia where everyone spoke Hungarian!”

“Mom, if you had two male Barbies and three female ones, then one of the girls didn’t get a husband!”

Me: “Huba, we don’t sit at the table with a hat on! Take it off!”
Huba: “But be glad that I’m eating”

5 years old

“Oh mom, you smell so nice, as if you’re about to go to work!”

“I will only marry a girl with long hair. I still like girls with short hair, I just won’t marry them!”

While skiing, we went separate ways: my father-in-law and husband skied down a steep slope, and Huba and I went on a gentle slope, and we agreed to meet at a certain point. When Huba saw that his father and grandfather were going in a different direction, he exclaimed in surprise and pointed after them:
“But the men are going that way!”

My husband’s Turkish friend came to Budapest for a few days and lived with us, and to relive the old good times, they indulged in the nightlife every day. They came home in the early morning and woke up in the evening. Huba summed up his observations about this:
“Dad and Uncle Berke are like the little fox, Vuk. They hunt at night and sleep during the day!”

Huba: “Mom, does Aunt Mary have a husband?”
Me: “No, Huba. Aunt Mary got divorced from her husband.”
Huba: “Divorced? Why did they separate?”
Me: “Because they didn’t understand each other.”
Huba: “They didn’t understand each other? Why, what language did Aunt Mary’s husband speak?”

6 years old

“Akos and his friends speak worse and worse as their baby teeth fall out!”

“Turn on the cartoon, otherwise you won’t have a moment of peace”

“Dad, I love you and mom the most in the world! I love mom because she gave birth to me, and I love you because you married mom”

“Johanna is my main crush!”

He excitedly tells me how he bought two pastries at the store:
“I asked for two pastries, they said they didn’t see me, but I said I’m here, and they gave me. I gave a bridge for it, and I got a tulip-themed one and one with a silver emblem.” (He mentions the pictures on the coins.)

After skiing:
Me: “Huba, do you have muscle soreness?”
Huba: “What’s muscle soreness?”

Huba: “Mom, why don’t we go to the open-air museum with the kindergarteners for grape
Me: “Because the bus is expensive”
Huba: “How much?”
Me: “40,000 forints.”
Huba: “And who’s on it?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Huba: “Whose picture is on the money? On the 40,000 forint note.”

Me: “Hubus, what’s this wound on your toe? Did you kick the doorstep?”
Huba: “No. I kicked that cabinet where the brandies are kept!”

…15 years old…

Me: “Hubus, you’ve been spending 6-7 hours online in the past few days! I can see it on the family link! Don’t come to me saying you don’t have time for anything except studying!”
Huba: “Okay, mom!… The biscuit is yours!”

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